My name is Brin Bon and I am an Episcopal priest, wife, mother of three, runner of trails, lover of the outdoors, follower of Jesus, and freshly minted planter of churches. I’ve lived in Austin for the last 5 years and am delighted to call this quirky town home.

I originally hail from the Zion of North America, aka, Salt Lake City, UT. After marrying young and having my first two kiddos right away (no, I’ve never been Mormon), I went back to school to earn a BA in Philosophy, with an ever-helpful minor in Classical Greek. Luckily, by the end of my undergraduate degree, I began to hear God calling me to become a priest and all were relieved that I might someday have gainful employment despite my love of the humanities (I still contend that I had lots of “transferable skills” and, in fact, a liberal education is about more than a vocational path, but I digress). Upon graduating from the University of Utah in 2008 my husband and I had our third child and decided it was the perfect time to move 2000 miles across the country, away from friends and family, so I could start grad school.

After a hard but holy three years in the Northeast (complete with the three coldest winters of my life) I graduated from Yale Divinity School in 2013 with a Master of Divinity and quickly found reprieve from the cold in sunny Austin, TX.  I have been involved in wonderful and weird ministry here ever since.

When I announced in August of 2018 that I would be leaving my beloved parish where I had, by all accounts, a very good thing going, to take a job starting a new church without so much as a plot of land, some scratched their heads. “That’s just the way God works,” I told one baffled inquirer. But those who know me had no hesitation in affirming my new call.

No, I’ve never planted a church before. No, they didn’t teach me how to do that in seminary. And, no, there is no manual or template or guidebook for how to do this work. But what my colleagues, friends, and family know about me–that makes me a pretty good fit for starting something new–is this: I have at least 37 new ideas a week about how to be church outside the walls of a church building. I have a deep affection and appreciation for all the people of God–which is to say, all people. I have an even deeper love for God and his son Jesus. And what I really, really, really want in life is to be a disciple who helps others find their own life in Christ, too. It also helps that I’m an organizational ninja, shameless extrovert, zealously driven, good humored, and am not afraid of being told ‘no’, having doors slammed in my face, or of trying something and failing.

And so my mission is this: to form disciples in the Episcopal tradition in South Austin through worship, service, and spiritual community. I believe it’s what South Austin needs. I believe it’s what we all need.

If you feel called, join me.
If you are moved by this mission, be in touch with me.
If you are the praying type, pray for the Episcopal community in South Austin that God is preparing the way for.

And check back often to follow our progress and learn more about our ministry as it unfolds.